August 2010
Rocky Mountain Express
Age of Steam Film Co. Inc.
Director Stephen Low, D.O.P. Mark Poirier
Calgary, Canada

July 2010
Transformers 3 (3D)
Paramount Pictures
Director Michael Bay, D.O.P. Rob Bruce,
Chicago, United States
Official Website

March - June 2010
Born To Be Wild 3D (IMAX)
D.O.P. David Douglas Borneo, Indonesia
Warner Brothers Production, Diane Roberts, Mia Collis
Kenya, Africa

May - Oct. 2009
Human Flight 3D
SkyyHigh Entertainment D.O.P William Reeves
U.S., Switzerland

Aug.- Sept. 2008
Ultimate Wave
Perfect Wave Productions Inc. Teahupoo, Tahiti

May, 2008
Marie Sainte Pierre
Technical Assistant for a fashion photo-shoot

April, 2008
Remstar D.O.P. Pierre Gill

March, 2008
Legends of the Sky (IMAX)
Stephen Low Productions, D.O.P. Marc Poirier
Operator: Dylan Read

January, 2008
Hydro Quebec

January, 2008
The Factory
D.O.P. Igore Meglic, Directors Spiros Razatos

September - November, 2007
Deathrace 3000
Universal picture movie D.O.P. Igor Meglic, director Spiros Razatos

August, 2007
Toyota C Commercial / Special Rig
Kaleidoscope Production D.O.P Anghel Decca, Los Angeles, CA

July, 2007
Cinélande D.O.P. Brandon Stacey, Toronto, Canada

July, 2007
Loto-Québec / Triplex
Cinélande D.O.P. Pierre Gill, Quebec, Canada

May - July, 2007
Legend of the Sky / 3-D(IMAX)
Stephen Low Productions D.O.P. William Reeves, Germany:
Operator: Dylan Read
Official Website

April - September 2007
Age of Steam Train 2-D (IMAX)(Rocky Mountain Express)
Stephen Low Productions D.O.P. William Reeves, Germany; Operator, Dylan Read, Canada
Official Website

April - May, 2007
Rivard the Movies
Rivard Production D.O.P. Pierre Gill, QC Director Charles Binamé

February, 2007
Infiniment Québec
Production Thalie D.O.P. Jean Claude Labreque, Quebec, Canada

February, 2007
Bombardier Spyder
Co-Pilot Production 2007 Pat Solament, Los Angeles
Link to Website

May - September, 2006
Dinosaurs Alive 3-D (IMAX)
David Clark Production D.O.P. William Reeves; Germany, New Mexico, Arizona, Mongolia, New York, Nebraska, San Francisco.
Dinosaurs Alive 3D Website

Sept. 2005 - March, 2006
Mission Antarctica
Production Glacialis, Antartic Mission for the documentary (Le Dernier Continent), Martin Leclerc, Antartica; Stephen Menghi

May - July, 2005
White Planet
Glacialis Production, D.O.P. Thierry Machado, France
See Link

May 15, 2005
Star Wars Episode III Revenge of the Sith
In Los Angeles for the Century Fox Studio Technical Screening premiere of Star Wars Episode III Revenge of the Sith, by invitation from Lucas Film Productions

March - April, 2005
Dinosaurus 3D: Giants of Patagonia (IMAX)
Skyhigh Productions, D.O.P. Bill Reeves, Germany

9-12 September, 2004
GSTA International Conference & Trade Show

2 July, 2004
Shooting Star Wars: Episode III
George Lucas Productions Inc., Guilin, China:
D.O.P. David Franco

12 May, 2004
Working in Shangai, China on a new production called "Ultraviolet" for Sony Picture Entertainment:
D.O.P. David Franco

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